Seahaven Wing Chun | Part Of The WCK UK Organisation

Sifu Ken Pang
Head Instructor

My journey started in 2012 when I started learning Wing Chun from my two Sifu's, Steve Poskitt and Chris Connah. Before that, I had learned Taekwondo as a child and spent some time learning Pak Mei.

What started as something to do as a side activity has now become ingrained into my life. The first 3 years or so I was learning the Wing Chun system from my Sifu however I was offered the chance by my Sifu to train with Sifu Wes Hussey (my Si Gung) and then through Si Gung, the rest of his WCKUK students (my Si Baks and Si Suks).

From that moment I have found my knowledge in Wing Chun expand at an amazing pace. Training with such a variety of skilled Wing Chun practitioners has really developed my own understanding and application of Wing Chun to a point where I have the great honour of being invited into the teaching fold.

My Thoughts On Wing Chun

I find Wing Chun is a fascinating fighting system which is easy to pick up but difficult to master. The ability to defend oneself even against larger opponents utilising body mechanics, the economy of motion, and inch power can be truly devastating.

Every fight and every opponent is different, it is important to make sure you train hard and be open to varying training partners. I have found that since training opposite different people (and also against different styles), has really
advanced my skillset.

There are many different stories out there about the origin of Wing Chun and how it was developed. However what really intrigues me most about Wing Chun is taking the core principles, breaking it down to find how I can apply it effectively; and now, of course, to do the same for others.

The principle of doing as much damage and ending the fight as quickly as possible may hold true when applying the system, however, it is paramount that this is done only in self-defence or in defence of others. The discipline imbued in Wing Chun (and indeed all Chinese Kung-Fu) must never be forgotten.

It is perhaps the most important lesson I have learnt from my Sifu and Si Gung.

I intend to pass on the discipline and entire fighting system to as many people as possible.

If you are willing to learn, I am willing to teach.